Mixing gear

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The mixing of liquids, dispersing/emulsifying of (immiscible) liquids, suspension of particles in liquids, dispersion of gases in liquids, preparation of solutions, encouraging heat transfer (cooling and heating), producing chemical reactions,…: all of these processes are performed by a mixing gear. However, in order to obtain an optimal result, not every system can be used. Everything depends on various parameters, such as product properties (density, viscosity, structure, composition,…), process parameters (temperature, pressure, fill ratio, formulation,…) and stirring operation (mixing, gassing, dissolving, homogenising, …). Because of this, a universally applicable solution does not exist for these types of processes. In fact, a different mixing gear must be constructed for almost every type of stirring or mixing operation. In this context, we often talk about the sizing and specific composition of the system, since the choice is rather limited in terms of types. For more information, please feel free to contact one of our project engineers without any obligation.