Laser cutting

At VGI Machinebouw, our engineers ensure that every product is provided with the correct hole pattern and cut to size. When laser cutting stainless steel types, we use nitrogen as a shielding gas. This ensures that no oxygen is absorbed into the liquid metal. This means that no oxide is released. We always cut stainless steel on a special cutting table, so that no contamination of steel can occur. In addition, we are also able to bend, weld and assemble the product to easily complete the entire stainless steel laser cutting process. We also use the best laser systems.

Plate laser cutting

Plate laser cutting is a versatile technology that makes it possible to cut products to size with high precision and speed. Due to the versatility of laser cutting, we can easily cut materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and this shortens the lead time and delivery time and the products are always of the highest quality. We are also able to cut complex shapes and patterns such as holes, recesses and engravings to ensure we can tailor every part, component and product with different shapes and sizes. We can also roll, blast and assemble stainless steel products.

Plate laser cutter BYSTRONIC BYSPRINT FIBER 3015 4 KW

This is an advanced sheet metal laser cutting system known for its precision and efficiency in the metalworking industry. This powerful device offers high-quality cutting performance, has a maximum sheet size of 4000 mm x 2000 mm and can cut stainless steel and aluminum up to 25 mm. These advanced lasers cut everything to size

Tube laser cutting

Tube laser cutting is a specific application of laser cutting in which the laser beam is aimed at cutting tubular materials, such as metal tubes, pipes or hollow profiles. This means that sawing, punching, drilling and cutting are no longer necessary. Tube laser cutting has a number of advantages, the cuts are made accurately and quickly, applicable to different materials and tubular profiles, from thin-walled tubes, stainless steel tubes to thick steel tubes, and there is little material waste.

Tube Laser Cutting ADIGE LT8

The “ADIGE LT8” is a tube laser cutting machine designed for laser cutting of tubular materials. Our laser cuts to size and is equipped with:

  • 3D laser head
  • Diameter Round tube: 12 to 220 mm
  • Dimensions Square tube: 12 to 200 mm
  • Dimensions Rectangular tube or Oval: inner diameter of 280 mm (minimum side 20 mm and maximum 200 mm)
  • Strip size: 40×5 to 200×12 mm
  • Dimensions L, C and U-profile: 30×20 to 200×200 mm


Frequently asked questions about laser cutting

What is a laser cutter?

A laser cutter is an advanced machine that uses a laser to cut, mark or engrave materials with great precision. The process of laser cutting is widely used in metalworking, woodworking, textile and plastic processing.

How does a laser cutter work?

A laser cutter is equipped with a powerful laser beam that melts, vaporizes or burns materials to cut complex shapes and patterns. The control system controls the laser beam intensity and movement, so that the result of a laser cutter always ensures smooth edges.

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