Stainless steel welding

Willems Machinebouw is primarily specialised in stainless steel welding. For this purpose we have some 30 unique stainless steel welding shops. Each welding shop has several connections to the central argon gas supply. Thanks to this the application of backing gas can be easily programmed, which results in high-quality welding. For the assembly and welding of framework and sheet metal products we have a very extensive machine park of programmable Mig and Tig welding equipment at our disposal, specifically and only meant for welding stainless steel. Moreover, our people are well-trained (level 3 or higher) and we have the necessary certificates when it comes to approved welding. Finally, we feel it is important that our people work safely. For this purpose each welding shop has been fitted with individual ventilation and the entire welding department is fitted with area ventilation, according to the latest occupational health service regulations.